Never sacrifice benefits for price or you’ll end up buying cheap, buying twice. Our brokers do the hard work for you.

Car Insurance from PibaSure

Car Insurance is mandatory for any vehicle on the road in Ireland, therefore you want to ensure you get the right deal,

At PibaSure, our brokers provide you with a great Car Insurance Quote. We compare the market through all the Insurers available in Ireland to find the right deal for you. It couldn’t be simpler, just fill in your car insurance details above and we’ll bring you the right and most competitive deal to suit your needs. Our Brokers use their agencies to compare the market and different quotes to find cheap car insurance deal for you without sacrificing your benefits. 

As Daisy would say, you never know when you might need to fall back on your insurance, so make sure you have the right cover for you through PibaSure. 


Please Note that the quick quote is designed to make a number of assumptions and to provide an estimate of the quote.

No quote is finalised online, so please contact your quoted Broker to establish if your quote & cover is right for you.

You and Your Named Drivers:

  • have never been refused insurance or renewal of insurance
  • have never had any special terms or conditions imposed by any insurer
  • have never had any endorsement on your licence
  • have never been disqualified from driving
  • have not been involved in any accident or loss, or had any claims in the last 3 years other than claims for fire, theft or windscreen
  • have not been convicted of any driving offences and have no convictions pending
  • have no penalty points on your current driving licence
  • do not suffer from any disability or medical condition that would impair your ability to drive
  • occupation clerical officer

Your Insurance History:

  • you are using a No Claims Discount earned on a car.
  • if you are the holder of a provisional driving licence, your driving experience must be earned in your own name, and not as a named driver
  • you have no previous experience earned as a named driver

Your Car:

  • is used only for social, domestic and pleasure purposes (including commuting to and from work)
  • is owned by you or your spouse/partner and you or your spouse/partner is the main driver
  • is registered in your name, or in your spouse/partner’s name
  • is normally parked at your address
  • is not a car vanette, kit car
  • is not converted, adapted or modified in any way
  • is a right hand drive model
  • is in line with our engine size limits as outlined

If any of the assumptions would affect your cover or premium please call one of our PIBASure brokers to get a more complete car insurance quote.

Non-disclosure of a material fact may mean your cover being invalid and premiums refunded.

Example of non – disclosure of a material fact: not stating penalty points or prior claims in the last 3 years, if unsure, please call a PIBASure broker for complete quote.