Massive tax crackdown targets pubs and shops – I Ind

04 November 2011

PUBS, shops and other businesses will be targeted in the largest crackdown on Ireland's black economy in the history of the State.

They will be subjected to a wave of on-the-spot tax checks as the cash-strapped Government attempts to claw back some of last year's €8bn Exchequer shortfall.

The clampdown comes amid fears of widespread tax evasion as businesses struggle to survive the deepening recession.

Revenue chairman Josephine Feehily confirmed that up to 2,000 officers would be targeting all cash businesses.

"Certainly we are concerned at the risk of increased cash activity in the economy in 2009," she said.

One of the Revenue tactics will be to use officers who are trained to "interrogate" cash registers.

They will be able to hack into the tills' electronic memory to get a record of all transactions and discover if there is an under-declaration of sales.

Ms Feehily said the focus this year would be on pubs and the security industry, due to concerns about their high levels of cash transactions.