Dublin listed as world's 16th most expensive city (Irish Times)

04 November 2011

Dublin has been ranked as the 16th most expensive city in the world and the 12th most expensive in Europe, according to the latest annual Mercer cost of living survey.

Dublin's world ranking is the same as that of last year.

The survey measures the cost of living for expatriates in cities around the world, using the cost of living in New York as a base point and giving it a score of 100.

It measures the comparative cost of 200 items including housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment.

Moscow again emerged as the most expensive city in the world for expatriates, scoring 142.4.

Mercer said this year's rankings, based on data gathered in March, were affected by the weakening of the dollar relative to other currencies. It also said a feature of the latest list was the creeping up the rankings of cities in eastern Europe, Brazil and India.

Dublin scored 103.9, compared with 99.6 in 2007. Patrick Robertson of Mercer Ireland said that, for expatriates, "Dublin is still ranked among some of the most expensive major cities in Europe and internationally".

Mercer said its survey was used by multinational companies and governments to determine compensation allowances for expatriate employees.

The latest survey indicated the gap between the world's most expensive and least expensive cities was widening.

For the sixth year running, AsunciĆ³n in Paraguay emerged as the least expensive of the 143 cities surveyed. It scored 52.5 compared with 50 last year, making it cheaper than Quito in Ecuador and Karachi in Pakistan.

The most expensive cities after Moscow were: Tokyo (127); London (125); Oslo (118.3); Seoul (117.7); Hong Kong (117.6); Copenhagen (117.2); Geneva (115.8); Zurich (112.7); and Milan (111.3).